About the Fan Club

The Fan Club, an all-volunteer organization founded in August 2016 with the goal of improving the care, comfort and culture of senior citizens in the greater Rochester-Monroe County area. 
Our first effort involved distributing box fans at no charge to residents in need at local adult care facility during this summer's record heat wave. 

With many organizations appealing for similar support, we want to provide a number of reasons why The Fan Club merits consideration: 

No overhead.

We have no paid staff and no expenses. Any and everything contributes goes to those we serve. 



We are able to address needs that sometimes “fall through the cracks” because they may involve only a very small number of people or very specific items outside the mission of larger organizations.


Rapid Response.

We're able to move quickly to address needs as they arise. 



We're proud to be a very lean and agile group, and we're determined to keep the focus on those we serve, not ourselves.  

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